How R&D Credits Could Benefit Your Business [FREE WEBINAR]

The R&D tax credit program is one of the greatest sources of non-dilutive funding available to companies today. It reimburses up to 10 percent of your R&D expenses, either as a tax credit for profitable companies or even as a cash refund for unprofitable startups.So why are 80 percent of eligible Colorado companies still not taking advantage of this program? We will begin by explaining the fundamentals of the R&D tax credit program from a technical point of view. We’ll then move on to the legal and financial aspects of a claim to help you determine how much you can get back, and tell you when you can claim expenses on contracts where you get paid to do R&D. Finally, for those already claiming, we’ll go over the many lesser-known expenses you can claim to help you maximize your refund. This webinar is recommended for owners, presidents and CFOs of innovative companies of any size and pre-startups exploring ways to fund their starts.


Presented by Thierry Lepoutre | President, Boostr Consulting LLC

Thierry Lepoutre is Founder and President of Boostr Consulting LLC, which provides consulting services to help innovative companies successfully claim R&D Tax Credits and obtain refunds from the government. Thierry has more than 20 years of experience recovering R&D Tax Credits for companies in all industries, ranging from one-person startups to large multinationals.

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